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< SM: Invitation til Nordisk Mesterskab i Supermoto

SM: Aflysning af Svensk Supermoto mesterskab og Nordisk mesterskab i Härnösand

Vi har modtaget en besked fra den svenske supermoto kommission omkring svensk- nordisk mesterskab. Læs mere her.

Svemo Supermoto comission and Supermoto AB has on the 21th August decided to cancel the final round of the Swedish Supermoto Championship (SM) and Nordic Championship (NM) in Härnösand the 29th - 30th September. 

For Svemo and Supermoto AB it is of great importance to be able to organize a high quality championship competition.
Unfortunately the number of drivers needed from Sweden and the Nordic countries is too few to fulfill the SM- and NM-competitions.
It is also an inconvenience that FIM's Supermoto des Nations, will be organized at the same weekend as the NM.
Supermoto NM will therefore not be organized this year and the final round of the Swedish championship 2018 will be arranged in Rättvik the 15th of September.




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